Landbanking - The Toughest

Making difficult job look easy is hard work and team DLB makes landbanking effortless.

Present and Planned Infrastructure Projects

Be sure about the promising avenues of growth in valuation & wealth creation through your investment.

Land Aggregation

Finding the perfect balance between the needs of the industry and the needs of the farmers and landowners.

Clear Title Ownership

Get verified Land Banks with assured ownership and multiple land usage options without any liens.

Welcome to the premier destination for all your commercial real estate needs! We’re a growing group of acquirers that take pride in our work and have an ambitious roadmap for growth. We are working hard to create an innovative Land Bank platform available to you. We bring together all aspects of land ownership including finding an appropriate location, land for sale, or improving your property. We got you covered with a personalized approach tailored to your requirements.

We Do

Insights & Research

Each Land Bank as Unique as You Are

Our ambition is to deliver an ideal match for your investment in real estate by our thorough research and study. We aim at facilitating and carefully curating the best possible proposals for you with transparency and due diligence. 


A to Z Management of Your Purchase

From planning to possession and from acquisition to disposition, we manage your landbanks in the finest way possible. We elcubrate to keep you and your investments advanced to any changes.


Our Services

Land buyers and investors need more than just a licensed real estate professional, they need a land sale expert- one who understand the intricacies of an asset, one who has the extensive transaction based experience and one who can provide the right kind of guidance to achieve investment. We are all of this!

EP Wealth

Extreme Property Wealth targets the objective reality and explores the immeasurable potential of land banks to make them profitable, not only in long term but in generational cycle.

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Our Story

We are full-service land brokerage firm, which means we offer our client a complete package of services, from start to finish. Right from canvassing to the negotiation phase and all the way to post-sale support, we ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your investment. 

Corporate Responsibility

While pursuing a real estate development, developers need take full responsibility of their projects and deliver the highest standards of business to their stakeholders.


Big ticket developments are often environmentally and ecologically unsustainable, separate from understanding and serving the needs of local population. We understand the local population is an important stakeholder in the project among others and that the need of each stakeholder is different.